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Catch phrase: natural, sustainable scented candles

Let's say it the way it is: Today, naturalness is a label that many people like to attach to their brands. When you take a closer look, you realize that nature can be found only in traces. With Looops Kerzen candles, on the other hand, it is exactly the other way around: nothing but nature gets into our candles. Not even in tracks. We see nature as the perfect heart for our candles, and add nothing to it. Because it simply isn’t necessary. The finest vegetable wax and natural essential oils are combined by hand in the manufactory near Salzburg to create a fragrance that is rare nowadays. Pure. Honest. Real. The fact that Looops Kerzen candles have such a relaxing effect is because they are produced without stress and hectic. We keep it like nature and know: Good things take time. To grow and become perfect. Fast production for fast profit is not our philosophy. We want to create something that lasts - and not only in terms of the burning time of the candle. Therefore, the carefully composed fragrance mixtures are allowed to mature for a few weeks in peace and quiet and remain free of paraffin and synthetic fragrances - even if artificial fragrances are cheaper and easier to handle. Instead of paraffin, which is based on mineral oil, or palm wax, which is produced in harmful monocultures, we much prefer to use vegetable wax from renewable plants. The plants also give us precious pure essential oils, which are carefully extracted. Without other additives we hand-pour our candles in our glasses and inspire big and small noses. For real.

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