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A natural scented candles manufactory

This is how we do it: step by step Consistency is the magic word. If you want to be successful, it is for all areas of life. And it also applies to our manufacturing process: we are a manufactory. That's why we do everything by hand, and when we say everything, we mean everything. The fragrance blends are composed with a fine nose and in many tests, inspired by nature and ancient recipes. We use pure natural essential oils that are carefully extracted from plants, which give the candles their special character: Their scent is real. WHY WE MAKE WONDERFULLY NATURAL SCENTED CANDLES? BECAUSE WE CAN. Yeah, making a Looops Kerzen candle is a lot of work. We honestly admit that. We mix and test, melt and cast, test and package. At the end of this process, we have something in our hands. Something really good. With the positive effect of essential oils from herbs, flowers and fruits. With the scent of home, which becomes tangible, smelly, palpable. With the authenticity of naturalness. For real. WE ARE CONSISTENT. PROMISE! As far as the unbeatable quality of manual work is concerned, we have found a partner who thinks like we do: a Viennese company that supports small, traditional craft businesses in Romania. And in doing so, it attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainability. The green glass into which our candles are poured is made with great care in Romania, where it creates jobs where no one is exploited. Valuable craftsmanship can be preserved - and provides glasses that are so beautiful that they can later be used as drinking glasses or vases. Because you love to hold them in your hands.

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