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100% pure essential oils


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what are natural fragrances?

When we describe our candles, we naturally name essential oils as ingredients. But what's that, anyway? These are the substances of a plant that are formed by light and heat. Essential oils are therefore more likely to be found in plants that get a lot of sun. The plant produces these fragrances to store energy, attract or repel insects or protect itself from fungi. The oil can be contained in the flower, in the stem or in the root, and in order for it to release its scent, one usually has to press or grate the respective part of the plant. Everyone who has ever pressed on the peel of citrus fruits - whose essential oils are obtained by cold pressing - knows this. An equally gentle method is water steam distillation. It is used, for example, with herbs and needles such as lavender, peppermint or Swiss stone pine. The steam dissolves the oils, which then gather in the plant water, also known as hydrolat, when it cools down. Pure essential oils require large quantities of plants: about 100 kilograms of lavender for 1 litre of oil or 200 to 300 kilograms of oranges for 1 litre of oil. That's what makes these scents so valuable. They are obtained where the plants grow: citrus fruits e.g. in Italy, mountain pine and Swiss stone pine in the Alps. In Looops Kerzen candles we only use 100 % pure essential oils, that are gently on your nose and good for your well-being.

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