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Nature is our most important partner


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Sustainability in candle making

Because nature is our most important partner With Looops Kerzen candles you care for our environment. Not only because our candles are completely natural, they are also packed plastic-free in cardboard. Who needs cheap, petroleum-based paraffin when candles made from natural waxes burn much longer and, above all, more soot-free? Of course, for us, natural clearly also means growing back. The basis for our candles consists of vegetable wax, which is obtained from quickly growing plants. We do not use palm wax because its production is as harmful to the environment as the extraction of palm oil. We let ourselves be inspired by nature - without ever harming it. It is the source of all that we are, and we value its infinite wealth. It is therefore important to us to preserve nature in all its beauty and versatility. Since the vegetable wax is so soft, wax residues can easily be removed from the glass. Thus you can use the candle glass as a drinking glass, as a vase for beautiful meadow flowers or as a tea light holder. And we have another tip: With the extra available lid, the glass becomes a storage container. Or you simply add it to the glass waste - one way or the other, the environment is protected. And we're really glad about that.

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