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Collaboration with Professor Craig S. Kaplan: Grid


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Parquet Deformations

Every pattern tells a story. A maze is a metaphor of the human condition: we are entrapped and escape from mazes sometimes of our own making ; Binary choices; Blind alleys;limited choices in life...Trying one unsuccessful strategy after another until we find a winning formula....  This pattern is the second part of the collaboration with Professor Craig S. Kaplan. The pattern/design is based on a grid technique that Professor Kaplan published in 2010, ultimately inspired by William Huff.  Parquet deformations are an abstract form of ornament first introduced by Professor Huff as an exercise for his Architecture students, and later popularized by Douglas Hofstadter in his Scientific American column. They are a kind of "spatial animation": a tiling of the plane from shapes that gradually evolve in space. They are the aesthetic cousins of Escher's Metamorphosis prints. We believe that dhurrie weaving with its clear weft faced patterning is the clearest way of representing this form of patterning on a carpet or textile. References:

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