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Experience KOKET’s glamour at Covet Douro


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Experience KOKET’s glamour at Covet Douro

Experience KOKET’s glamour at Covet Douro! Conceived to offer design lovers around the world an ultimate experience of lived-design, Covet Douro is set in an ancient three floor waterfront mansion in Oporto. Located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Europe, Douro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the house is filled with remarkable architectural details that reflect a noble past and Portuguese traditions. In this timeless space, a unique showroom where each room is decorated by prestigious design brands was born. KOKET’s seductive designs fill the house’s master suite showcasing the brand’s exquisite haute craftsmanship. A truly whimsical escape for exclusive clients or partners to be inspired, or simply a destination to relax over a weekend and be immersed in luxurious design.

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