• 29/05/2019 The Luxury Design Craftsmanship Summit 2019
    Covet Summit 2019 will take place next month, on the 26th and 27th of June! Porto is ready to receive one of the most important Design Events! Tickets are already available for purchase, and there’s a special price for any buyer that purchases his ticket’s prior to the 31st of May. Buy your ticket here:
    This is a great example of a mid-century modern living room décor with a contemporary twist! The golden years have brought us a style and essence like no other: it’s all about sophistication, yet boldness! Clean lines, neutral colors, mid-century furnishing and lighting and shiny elements to glow the place!
  • 23/05/2019 Complete Your Modern Home Decor With The Brubeck Lighting Designs!
    The Brubeck Family has been around for quite some time. So, why not take advantage of this incredible mid-century lighting designs and get your modern home decor on point? The best way to guarantee that you have the right setting in your home is to get the very best of the lighting world.
  • 22/05/2019 Bissar Concepts
    Bissar Concepts combine mid-century and modern design and help create residential and commercial projects that have a contemporary vibe. Turner floor lamp is just the perfect floor lighting piece to complement this classic living room. With a unique and mid-century design, Turner has the complexity and luxurious finish to be part of any given luxurious project.
  • 22/05/2019 Latest Novelties: Vaughan Suspension Lamp
    Vaughan Suspension Lamp is one of our latest novelties and that one lighting piece that can and will make all the difference at your Home! His versatility makes him adaptable to every single one home style you want! With intricate yet discreet details, this mid-century ceiling light will add a Hollywood glamour with its golden tones and contemporary aura.
  • 21/05/2019 Best deals, matte black lamps
    DelightFULL is known for its mid-century lighting pieces, and its Floor Samples section offers the best of the best at the best price ever! Coltrane lamp is a minimalistic wall piece that will fit in any style décor or room of your house, proving the most outstanding light to your room. Galliano lamp is another mid-century best seller, ideal for a residential or hospitality project.

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