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Chiaro shelves


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Studio JanJannes designs for pols potten

WHO’S STUDIO JANJANNES? Jan Dijkstra, the studio’s founder, is born and raised in a tiny Dutch village with more cows than people. Maybe this influenced his inclination towards the practical and functional, the friendly and cheerful - who knows. Either way, this Design Academy graduate now designs for the home, office and garden with the clear-cut ambition to “make everyday life less ordinary”. A motto we can easily get behind. WHAT ABOUT CHIARO SHELVES? Chiaro is Italian for ‘clear’ and ‘bright’. The open character and visible construction of these shelves are just that. Designer Jan Dijkstra of studio JanJannes set out to make a family of shelves that are simple, sturdy and stylish. As he saw no reason why most cabinets have straight ends, he jumped at the opportunity to make his round-ended and friendly. Mission accomplished.

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