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MODO architecture designs for pols potten

WHO’S MODO? MODO architecture + design is a collaboration between Sondra Pantani and Pietro Marsili, both graduates in Architecture at the University of Florence. The architectural and interior design studio is based in Livorno. Sondra and Pietro (a couple in real-life) exercise their creativity and passion for design in residential, commercial, hospitality and workplace spaces. Some of their products will feel equally at home in any of these environments. WHAT ABOUT HOOKS? It is said that the Italians use around 250 hand gestures daily. The designers behind these hooks are Italian, so they know a thing or two about expressing themselves with their hands. For the rest of us, these hooks are an interesting start. The “thumbs up” is generally seen as a positive gesture, one of approval. The “F-you”... not so much. Although it can serve as a reminder for assertiveness. And “I-love-you” is also known as the ‘mano cornuto’. Sometimes associated with all things hard rock, it originated as a protective sign, to ward off the evil eye. Don’t mess with these hooks!

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