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Nai Disha means New Direction in Hindi. For many years we have been supporting the Nai Disha Learning Centre in New Dehli. Here children and young people from the slum areas are given the opportunity to get a new direction in life through education and social and creative activities. The last year has been challenging for our friends in India. Home schooling in a country where people live on the streets is not easy. Nai Disha plays a major role in bringing schooling out to children where they are – looking after their health and keeping up their spirit by offering meals and creative excercises. We are continuosly supporting this project – especially in these troubled times. We are grateful that we are able to give something back to the country that has given our company so much. In 2015 Madam Stoltz started a partnership with the mothers of the children. They create beautiful handcrafted items for our collections and are thereby given a place for social life as well as earning the funds to run their homes. It is a social investment in the families that provide them with both dignity and independence. Nai Disha is in the heart of Madam Stoltz, and you can learn more about their programmes on: www.naidisha.org

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