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Portugal at Casa Decor Madrid


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Colorful Project by Pepe Leal

Pepe Leal is Spanish designer in love with Portugal, that he considers “A sophisticated, elegant country”, and he accepted the challenge to be responsible for the Portuguese Space at Casa Décor Madrid in 2016, that for a month and a half served as a window to Portugal in the Spanish capital. Gathering pieces from more than 20 different Portuguese brands, its interior architecture broke with the preconception that Portugal is rustic, decadent and ancient to highlight the merits of a country where past and present go hand in hand. Seen above in this living room is a pair of Eden Center Tables that provide with glitz the colorful interior. On the other side of the room, the Heritage Sideboard serves as a testimony to Portuguese tiling, created by Boca do Lobo in order to honor this timeless craft, also known as “Azulejos”. The piece presents a different number of layers, and each one tells a different story. Quite fitting considering the nature of the project.

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