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Getting started
What are the advantages of opening an account?
As a member, you can view all product details such as prices or characteristics, get in touch with brands and add brands or products you like to your favorites. If your company is based in the European Union, you can also place an order with brands that offer their products for sale on MOM. For more information, do not hesitate to consult the "Orders & Quotes" section.
How can I reset my password?
If you forgot your password and wish to reset it, click the “Login” button in the top right hand corner of the page and click on “Forgot password?". Enter your email address, first name, and last name and click on the button “Reset my password”. You will then receive an email to your login email address to help you reset your password. Please be sure to also check your spam inbox.
How can I create an account on MOM?
To create an account and become a member of MOM, click on the "Connect" link located at the top right of the site and click on the "Create" button. Once the form is entered, you will receive an email confirming the creation of your account.
My account is awaiting moderation, what does this status mean?
Access to the MOM platform is reserved for professionals. We therefore verify the information provided when registering. Pending the validation of your account, you will be able to access all the features of the MOM platform (subject to elligibility).
My account was rejected, what can I do?
If your account has been rejected, you will not be able to contact any brand nor place orders. We remind you that the platform is reserved for professionals and that you must comply with our general service conditions. In the event of non -compliance with these requirements we reserve the right to refuse your account. If you think it is an error do not hesitate to contact us.
Is the subscription to Mom open to everyone?
The platform is reserved exclusively for decor, design, and lifestyle professionals.
Orders & Price quote requests
From which country can I order?
Only businesses registered and located in the European Union can order on the MOM marketplace: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czechia, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Sweden. Each brand can decide to sell its products in only one or more countries from this list.
Where can I find the invoice associated with my order?
The seller will add an invoice to your order when sending it. You can download the invoice associated with your order in your order history. Click on the "Download the invoice" button to download it in PDF format. In the case of a multi-supplier order, each seller will add an invoice.
What is the minimum order value?
Each brand offering its products for sale on MOM can fix its own minimum order amount. If you do not reach the minimum order value, you will not be able to place your order with this brand. This minimum order amount is indicated in your cart. Once this minimum is reached, you will be ready to order. If you wish ti place a multi-supplier order, you will have to reach the minimum order value of each brand.
Can I cancel an order?
Once your order has been placed, it is no longer possible to cancel it. If you notice missing or damaged products upon receipt of your order, you can file a report through our order feedback functionality.
When should I pay for my order?
All orders will be paid automatically according to the payment conditions selected during the payment. We are unable to modify the payment conditions of an order, once it is placed.
What are the payment methods available?
You can choose to pay immediately for your order using your credit card or SEPA Direct Debit. For orders which must be paid upon shipping, payment will take place when the product is shipped by the brand. Your payment method selected when placing the will be automatically debited once the order has been shipped. Depending on your country and eligibility, you can also pay after 30 days via Hokodo, our deferred payment provider. For more information, see our section on deferred payment.
Are my payments and information secure?
Security and protection of your personal data is our priority. We use the third-party payment solutions, Mangopay and Hokodo, and do not hold any payment information on MOM servers, as they are stored securely with these processors.
Buy now, pay later
Why am I not currently eligible for Hokodo’s BNPL solution and how can I become eligible?
Your eligibility depends on several factors that revolve around your business's credit worthiness and purchasing behaviour. Hokodo analyses your company, transactions and payment history in order to determine eligibility, and unfortunately if certain criteria are not met, we cannot offer you BNPL. That said, by continually paying on time upfront directly to the merchant, you are increasing your chances of being offered BNPL in the future.
How long will I have to wait for approval when I choose to pay in 30 days with Hokodo?
Most of the time, Hokodo can approve your business for payment terms in less than a second. Occasionally, when a manual review is required, it can take longer.
What is "Buy Now, Pay Later"?
This lets you purchase and receive the stock, equipment, or materials you need for your business, without having to pay any of the cost for up to 30 days.
What is Hokodo?
Hokodo is a digital payments company and Europe’s leading provider of Buy Now, Pay Later solutions for B2B e-commerce. By partnering with Hokodo, we are able to offer payment terms to the majority of our customers, while protecting all parties from risk. This concept is similar to the solutions proposed by Klarna or Oney but aimed at the B2B market.
Can I pay in 30 days with Hokodo?
Hokodo finance is available for LTD companies only and is subject to status and credit checks. These checks do not impact your credit score.
How do you determine my credit limit?
We use the name and address of your business to conduct a credit and fraud risk assessment, using a range of sources including Companies House.
How can I pay for my order via Hokodo?
You can pay for your purchase using your usual method, such as credit card or direct debit.
Will I receive a reminder email when my payment is due?
Yes, you will receive a reminder email 3 days before your payment due date, informing you that you will be charged (by your chosen payment method) in 3 days time.
Can I settle my outstanding payment earlier than the date set out in my payment terms?
Yes, you can settle your payments early by card or bank transfer. Contact and our customer support associate will provide you with the details you need to do this.
What happens if I don’t pay my invoices in time?
Once your invoice is past its due date, Hokodo will begin the dunning process. They will attempt to contact you by email and telephone. If necessary, a collections agency will become involved.
Which countries can Hokodo’s payment plans be accessed in?
Currently, Hokodo’s payment plans can be accessed by buyers in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain.
Do I need to sign up to use Hokodo?
No, you can use Hokodo via your MOM account. You don’t need to take any action before selecting your payment terms at checkout.
Can I place an order using BNPL one day, and then place another BNPL order a few days later?
You can place as many orders as you like using our solution, provided you do not exceed the credit limit of your account and keep up with any due payments.
Can I still access Hokodo’s solution if I am behind on my payments?
No. We will not allow customers with unpaid invoices to place any new orders until their debt has been cleared.
Shipping & Returns
What are the shipping and delivery times?
Shipping and delivery times depend on the seller. You can find the indicative shipping time on the product sheet.
How can I confirm the reception of my order?
You can confirm the good reception of your order from the order history in your customer area ("confirm the reception of my order"). By confirming delivery, you initiate payment to the seller. So make sure the state and compliance of the products before validating the reception. After that, the status passes to "closed" and you will therefore no longer be able to make complaints.
Can I return the products?
MOM does not have a standard return policy. In the event of a problem with your order, you can submit a complaint through our functionality "I have a problem" from the order history in your customer account. Complaints relate solely to missing, deteriorated or non-compliant products. If your request complies with our criteria, the seller will offer you a return or a refund. You have 10 days after your order has been shipped to make a complaint.
What can I do in the event of a problem during the delivery of my order?
MOM is not responsible in the event of theft or loss of your order. If there is a problem during the delivery of your order, you can report it directly from your customer account. You must report any problem within 10 days after your order has been shipped.
How can I make a complaint if my order contains damaged or missing items?
If you encounter a problem with your order, you must report it within 10 days after the order has been shipped. To report a problem, go to the order history in your customer account and select "return request". You will then be redirected to a form where you can indicate the order number, upload pictures of the items and add a comment to explain your problem. Complaints relate solely to missing, deteriorated or apparent non-compliance products. Note that MOM acts as a mediator and that the seller will decide to follow up on your complaint by offering you an exchange or a refund (full or partial) if the problem is proven.
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