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Revolution in mind and action – the Bokashi Organko 2

Have you ever thought about how well-informed residents of cities are inspired and increasingly overcome by the eco lifestyle? And they indeed are! The trend of urban eco lifestyle in cities develops fast and massively. People are more and more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet and a supply with biologically produced food. Many of us create our own mini green haven at home, on balcony or on the window shelves, where we grow our own herbs, basic every-day vegetables and other plants that make us happy. In this way we learn about the nature, we are creative and enjoy the fruits of our work, which fulfils and relaxes us after a hard day at work. Responsible, green lifestyle creates much carefully collected biological waste, which represents an eternal inconvenience in our kitchens. We stuff them into containers that are full way too soon and quickly develop an unpleasant odour, which is very pleasing to the annoying insects. Such compost containers often ruin the look of our modern kitchens, so we hide them in corners and in closets. None of the family members is happy to be in turn for emptying the biological waste. The Bokashi Organko 2 represents the perfect answer to the troubles of an urban eco consumer. It combines top aesthetics with perfect usability. The product is best in its class in all aspects and brings a revolution to our mind and actions. It is hard to imagine a compost container becoming a decoration element in our kitchens. But Skaza managed to do just that. This remarkable designer achievement was awarded a prestigious Red Dot Award! The Bokashi Organko 2 shape is extremely modern and clean, clearly demonstrating a prestigious product, which we want to be seen by others. Especially because this shape hides a complete and intelligent practical solution inside. And this is not the only recognition award! At the largest consumer goods fair, Ambiente 2019, it has been ranked among 26 innovative solutions, Solutions 2019, that were recognized for innovation and creativity, solving the daily challenges of users. A large internal bowl allows to compost a large amount of organic waste. A unique pump additionally optimizes this process. But the real magic happens when we add powder with helpful microorganisms, which stimulate the process of decomposition (this additionally frees up space for new biological waste) and at the same time prevent the formation of unpleasant odour. This powder allows the quantity to turn to quality – biological waste transforms into the basis for the premium compost and useful fermentation fluid that is perfect for watering plants, or as an environmentally friendly liquid for our drains. Each segment is made intelligently and thoughtfully, making handling easy and extremely interesting. It is probably needless to say that Bokashi Organko 2 itself is a part of the ecological circulation of materials, as it is a perfect recycled product. Bokashi Organko 2, with its circular dynamics, informs us of the constant circulation of life. What dies changes its form and transforms into thousands of invisible particles which enable a new life. Everything is interconnected. It teaches us about the harmony in nature, about the green circle of balance, about abundance; it also teaches us about the transformation of life into life. Good grows only from good! The decomposition process is in fact a donation of life – to life. »Bokashi Organko 2 enriches your life«, which is also a global message of the campaign that places the brand on the world map. More than just observers In the campaign Good grows from good, there is place for everyone, with a great added value. The video content shows how to handle Bokashi Organko 2 in a very explicit, educational and interesting way and is used as a mean to expand knowledge and awareness about home composting and biological waste collection, from beginners to advanced users. It is easy and fun. Home gardening enthusiasts will be able to plant own organic seeds, which will be given to you as a gift with the purchase of your Bokashi Organko 2. We invite you to participate in the Urban Garden photo competition and compete for a great award – MIDI Sprout (Data Garden). It is quite simple: take a photo of your “urban garden” and post it to your Instagram profile. Tag us in your photo # photo @skaza_bokashi_organko. We will also reward the winners among our subscribers to our newsletter and cheer up one urban gardener every month with multicolour cups from the Viva 2.0 collection. The big draw will be held in August 2019!

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