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Perfume is an art of a thousand applications, starting from the personal one, up to that for the environment. Olfactory memory is often associated with both time and space, and an odorous stimulus corresponds to an emotional image. This makes fragrances a powerful means of indirect communication. The information from the sense of smell is processed by two brain areas: from the limbic system (hippocampus and amygdala) that controls emotions, moods and instincts, and from the thalamus, which along with some areas of the frontal neocortex, is involved in the cognitive interpretation of the olfactory stimulus. In addition, the limbic system and limbic lobe participate in the memorization processes - the former takes part in the mediation mechanism between memory, behavior and emotions. The evocative power of perfume depends on it. It, always an instrument of seduction, also becomes a commercial possibility through olfactory marketing. Characterizing their spaces or objects with a fragrance, today companies also approach the world of fragrances satisfying the need for uniqueness. Creating engagement in the customer by touching the emotional and evocative side of it means influencing the behavior of the purchase, for example increasing the time of stay or impressing the memory of the pleasant experience. More generally, it allows you to act positively on the morale of your customers and influence their loyalty. PURE VANILLA: A fresh baked dessert, the distinctive aroma of vanille joints with a lemon icing. Pure Vanilla is a delicious fragrance, ambery and sweet, that reminds the smells of ancient bakeries. FRESH LEMON: Sea water reflects the sun in a scorching August day, the wild thyme in the mountain pass, the fragrant cedars. Fresh Lemon is a sparkling fragrance, a burst of vitality, a fresh novelty. SANDALWOOD & ORANGE: A monk travelling through Asia rests in an orange and jasmine garden. Sandalwood & Orange is a suggestive fragrance, that evokes the Orient, a journey in a luxuriant nature. NEROLI CHIC: A treasure hidden in a cedarwood coffer in a cave on the sea, surrounded by orange trees. Neroli Chic is a fresh and ecstatic fragrance, a floral and aromatic hug, that carries to ancient and sacred places. SWEET PEONIA: A rosy peony that blooms like a cloud, kissed by lemon and surrounded by a forest of oaks and cedars. Sweet Peonia is a flowery and unique fragrance, that resembles the first timid spring days. BAMBOO LEAVES: Freshness and lightness, a breeze moves gently bamboo leaves in a japanese garden. Bamboo Leaves is a vital and relaxing fragrance, that invites to meditate. WHITE POMEGRANATE: Pale pomegranates color the green spring landscape, flowery notes hug the fruity ones, nature awakes smiling after a white winter. White Pomegranate is a juicy and exciting fragrance, where light and lively elder flowers are warmed by the woods. LAVANDER & CAMOMILE: A blooming field of lavender, Provence, the dew refreshing the aromatic musk. Lavender & Camomile is a fragrance that reminds you holidays at the end of summer, bright memories, runs through wild meadows. EMOTION OF SEA: A storm on the sea wets of marine water jasmines and wild sage, the sea breeze fills the air of an aromatic freshness. Emotion of Sea is a light and charming fragrance, born from the sea storm that leaves its traces as marine woods on the sand. AROMATIC WOOD: The ecstatic parfumes of an oriental suq, the colorful spicies, the sunset reflected on amber. Aromatic Wood is a woody and distinctive fragrance, that intrigues with its exotic and aromatic notes.

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