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Industville X Lush


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Industville light fittings and accessories that contributed to the creation of Lush’s unique store aesthetic.

Industville have had the great pleasure of working with Lush for over four years, supplying them with a variety of different light fittings and accessories that have contributed to the creation of Lush’s unique store aesthetic. A staple of the UK high street and an ever-increasing presence further afield in Europe and the rest of the world, the Lush stores look to a stripped back, industrial ‘film-set’ setting, with the choice of materials used inspired by the sustainable ethos of the brand allowing the vibrant piles of their trademarked product take centre stage. The Industville Bulkhead range, specifically The Vintage Industrial Heavy Cast Bulkhead Cage Pendant and Vintage Industrial Cage Bulkhead Wall Light Sconce, are used in many Lush stores. The galvanised zinc finish and robust look of these fittings lends themselves well to the retro style ‘recycled’ interior style of the Lush shop floor. Although traditionally used outside, because of their durable design and impressive lighting ability, they are a great option internally as a design feature to add an interesting industrial dynamic with the added bonus of being able to withstand the demands of a busy retail environment.

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