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Living the Japanese Way

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Living the Japanese Way

Living the Japanese Way

Let yourself be transported by the Japanese style and its pure and delicate lines, for a decoration that combines luxury and elegance. Explore the new collections of the finest brands in the country and let yourself be inspired by the art of living Japanese!

Living the Japanese Way


Find all the brands of the Japanese collective JETRO on the Maison&Objet Paris fair.

Click here to discover the Creations of Japan catalog


Find all the brands of the Japanese collective JETRO on the Maison&Objet Paris fair.

Click here to discover the Creations of Japan catalog


#tag String type

Tagging by hanging it with a string. memo tools that allow you to tag to real objects, based on wemo's brand philosophy: "reducing the stress of memorizing". It reduces an unnecessary check of who owns and what is inside. The original coating on the product allows it to write in permanent marker and erase it. We are challenging to achieve both convenience and sustainability. Designed and developed in Japan. S size:T2.0×W30×H70(mm) M size: T2.0×W60×H70(mm) More:


Nijiiro GEAR

Nijiiro GEAR is a gear-shaped educational toy made of rice husk resin. The base is combined like a puzzle, and gears of 3 different sizes can be freely inserted and turned. This was made with all our heart so, please enjoy the excitement of the moment when the colorful gears start moving all at once. In addition to using leftover rice husks, which would otherwise be discarded, this product can be recycled. When toys are no longer used, they can be reborn as new toys in our factory.



Through meticulous screening, we selected a grade of cashmere that is extra fluffy and luxuriously soft. Mongolia is famous for producing some of the world’s finest cashmere. These socks are woven with extra fine Mongolian cashmere measuring an average fineness of 15 microns, carefully spun into thread at our spinning mill located right in Japan. With our strict process of selecting high-grade materials and the superb craftsmanship of our textile specialists, it is no wonder that these socks are extra fluffy, luxuriously soft, and super-warm. ■MATERIAL:CASHMERE90%、NYLON10%


4 Brushes & Brush wrap, MISUMI Collection

4 Makeup brushes designed especially for travel, Compact Makeup "MISUMI" Collection. Brushes and Brush wrap set in a Paulownia wood gift box. Content Set - 3D Multi Face Brush - 3D Foundation Brush - 3D Blending Eye Brush - 3D Smoky eye Brush - Brush Wrap Gift Box: Paulownia wood


104 Isa Monyo Reversible Tea Towel Bag

Produced in close collaboration with the Isa Japanese Traditional Pattern Research Institute, this series is made using authentic Kyoto dye techniques to color every surface of the Furoshiki.


Marble socks

This product was selected for the 'WHAT'S NEW' section at the January 2024 Maison & Objet exhibition. The Marble sock series is the most popular line from CHIYOJI, a Japanese sock company founded in 1951 in Japan. We offer uniquely cut socks that do not constrict the ankle. These socks have been well received in Japan because of their durable design for daily use. Marble socks give you a soft feeling that doesn't compress your feet and are comfortable to wear.


Yosegi Cabinet

Yosegi means wound-together wood. Hakone Yosegi was designated as a Japanese traditional craft by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Features of Yosegi are natural wood colors woven together in geometric patterns.Wood is sustainable natural material, as it is sustainable, renewable, and recyclable. In addition, all woods have their unique Beautiful colors. Tradition is a series of innovation.By choosing traditional crafts made of sustainable materials, you can experience the wisdom of our ancestors while you contribute to the eco-friendly future.


1/4 width scarf

warm and eye-catching scarves made with beautiful textiles developed together with skilled artisans in the textile mills in Japan. You can choose from the variety of patterns uniquely designed by "kijinokanosei". The width of this scarf is quarter of the whole width of the textile, to minimize the waste.


INNER PILE / bath towel

Voluminous but soft.A towel combining the best of gauze and pile.Traditional shuttle looms are expertly operated by hand, taking time and care to produce our INNER PILE.This towel has two outer layers of baby-soft gauze with an inner layer of highly absorbent pile.Use it after bathing or washing, to cover your pillow or as a blanket—thick and fluffy yet soft and light, this is our reinvention of the classic towel.100% organic cotton


PAMPSHADE Croissant Bread Lamp

Pampshade est une lampe d'intérieur entièrement nouvelle fabriquée à partir de vrai pain. Le pain a quelque chose de plus que délicieux et nourrissant, le bon pain est à la fois charmant et mystérieux. Chaque lampe unique est fabriquée à la main au Japon à partir de vrai pain 100% artisanal, cuit au four pour illuminer votre vie et réchauffer votre cœur.Le croissant est l'incarnation parfaite de la pâtisserie la plus célèbre de France avec sa douce lueur qui ne peut être décrite que comme riche et beurrée en teinte. Profitez d'une délicate expression de lumière.



A clock made of pulp-molding paper which is created by a three-dimensional molding technology. As it is lightweight, it can be easily hung with a push pin. t can be be used in many different ways. It has a soft texture and shade unlike resin products. It will light up your room.


Senzogan Bowl (s)

Senzogan Bowl manufactured with a technique of Senzogan (zogan = metal-inlay decoration) The Senzogan technique used for this plate is a technique for engraving the lines on the surface of the plate and incorporating slip into them allowing the pattern to appear. [Example of use] It is recommended not only for tableware such as salads, but also as an accessory case.


wooden horn TALL Speaker

Decorative speaker for mobile phone. The curved shape of the wood offers both an inimitable sound and an elegant decorative object. The digital sound of the phone passes through the curved body of the speaker, producing a very warm and nostalgic sound. TALL emits a wide range of sounds, depth and density that range from high to low reverb.


Rose garden

NAOE KAWAMURA silk scarves; a new type of scarf featuring vivid color gradation using traditional techniques such as Yuzen dyeing on Japanese silk organdie and high quality silk. Silk organdy scarves, in particular, create a sense of elegance and refinement through the exquisite depth of color created by the overlapping of the fabrics when worn. These are not prints, but one-of-a-kind hand-dyed products. It provides a fun and bright feeling of wearing colors.



The CHIPS mug. series was created through a trial and error process, starting from the mold, in order to achieve visual coolness and high practicality. The CHIPS mug. series is tableware that can fit into a space as part of the interior design. The CHIPS mug. series is a tableware that fits into the space as a part of the interior, but it is also comfortable to hold, easy to use, and most importantly, it goes well with food. The design is simple and highly functional. Another feature of the CHIPS mug. series is the wide variety of colors. You are sure to find one that fits your space.


Tea caddy "Oval to oval"

[Oval to oval: the tea caddy with an oval bottom]Conventional Kaba-zaiku artworks have simple shapes and designs due to the natural characteristics and limitations of the materials. We believe the concept that “More shapes and designs can be accommodated if diagrams and sketches are provided.” These are the challenges of overcoming limitations, or the attempt to reconstruct the existing craftmanship of Kaba-zaiku in order to create a new future for the art form.


Andon Candle Holder

A set of candle holders with fine bamboo work. Enjoy the light and shadows created by the differently shaped bamboo shades. Both LED and classic candles can be used. A glass cylinder isolates the candle from the bamboo parts.



Fashionable eyewear line in our collection. These eyewear are dressed in traditional Japanese Color. And appears as if they are a piece of jewelry.



Features a chunky ring that is like combining two different rings. Our favorite brand-new piece. Work with experienced Jewelry artisans in Tokyo, Locally. 5/8 STUDIOS jewelry is made with recycled sterling silver, gold, and platinum certified by the Re-Fine Metal Association as 100% recycled metal free of naturally mined metals.



New audio system with a therapeutic effect of walking in the forest. Meticulously handcrafted by traditional Japanese craftsmen using Hinoki, a precious wood that generates a beautiful flow of sound energy and aroma as well. We create an audio system as a musical instrument and all electrical components are hand-assembled by qualified sound engineers.


hibi LARGE BOX Fragrance/Incense

Hibi is a self-lighting incense that requires no flame igniter. This innovative and easy-to-use incense brings a relaxed flow of 10 minutes into your life. The large box contains 30 sticks with a non-flammable mat and has a striker on both side of the box. - The type of scents - ①Standard series: Lemongrass, Lavender, Geranium, Ylang ylang, Tea tree, Citronella, Fragrant Olive ②Japan series: Japanese cypress, Sandalwood, Yuzu ③Deep series; Cedarwood. Oakmoss, Ambergris ④Garden series: Mimosa, Peony, Japanese wisteria ( )



KAMIHITOE" is a reference to Japanese washi paper and is designed to look as if it were made of Japanese origami. MIKURI" is designed to resemble buckwheat hulls, as Japanese paper is made from plants. The tote bag can be worn with any outfit. It also has more storage capacity than its compact appearance, and comes with a shoulder strap. It is available in five colors.


MAEKAKE_ JAPANESE ICONS Series (Frog/Fish/Fujisan/Lucky Cat/Daruma/Sake)

Traditional Japanese craftsmen’s aprons, have been used for over200 years. By tying the strap around the waist, workers can protect their backs. Today our rugged, stylish MAEKAKE are used outdoors as well as in the kitchen, gaining popularity around the world. Printing in this categories used Japanese classic icons. New items this year ①Frog: frog is Kaeru in Japanese, which means returning of good furtune. ②Fish(sea ​​bream) : sea bream is often used for celebratory events in Japan.

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