Japanese Elegance and Sweetness

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Japanese Elegance and Sweetness

Japanese Elegance and Sweetness

The Japanese finest brands invite you to discover their products freshly made from their workshops. Objects and accessories combining sweetness and sophistication. An invitation to search for well-being and inner peace for balance between the body and the soul

Japanese Elegance and Sweetness


Find all the brands of the Japanese collective JETRO on the Maison&Objet Paris fair.

Click here to discover the Creations of Japan catalog


Find all the brands of the Japanese collective JETRO on the Maison&Objet Paris fair.

Click here to discover the Creations of Japan catalog


ceceposya collection

Comfortably hand-fitting paper, cool, breezy and hand crispy linen, naturally undulating surface, smooth and sensitive shine, fiber-inherent natural hand, and various finishes and techniques. Thanks to these elements, collaborating traditionally skilled craftsmanship with contemporary designs, these textiles gently stay with our sound life as if these are hints of seasons and tiny happy happenings in our days and weeks. Enjoy distinct JAPAN premium products that make your life happy and pleasant with your touch of free and playful mind.


Quality and Full toughened glass "FINO TEAR-DROP" from Japan

The Curved Glassware shapes of "FINO TEAR-DROP" are perfect as stemless wine glasses, cocktail tumblers, and beer glasses.【Functionality】 "FINO TEAR-DROP" glass is applied the "Ion Toughening" process for overall surface, therefore it is -Durable even it is very thin and light-weight glass-Anti-Scrach-Dishwasher-safe 【Material】Soda-lime glass(Lead-free)


Cone Brush Set

Kimeri brushes are shaped like ice creams cones, with a soft and relaxing touch at the tip of the brush. Two wood finishes are available: Zelkova, a Japanese wood with a beautiful grain and walnut, an American wood with a dark glossy color. The wooden shafts are individually processed by wood milling craftsmen. The small parts of the brushes are made from the scraps of the production of bowls and tableware.



Nature gives the artist, KEIICHI SAITO, enormous inspiration. These objects are combinations of stone and leaves. All created by hand by the artist and of course they are all mobile with a bit of wind.



Light up your PLACE & MOMENT anywhere, anytime. An easy carrying table lamp for lighting up your “place” and “moment”. Fujita Metal MFG Co., Ltd, TENT, and Cap., Ltd have repeated trial and error together, and finally came up with this masterpiece, the Table Lamp “ICHI”. By pressing the edge of top surface, anywhere in 360 degrees, the light turns on/off with a soft and comfortable click feeling. brightness levels can be adjusted by repeatably pressing it.


Omusubi Chair

La chaise Omusubi est conçue pour être confortable dans l'atmosphère de la vie quotidienne. La forme du dossier et les articulations sont fabriquées selon un procédé artisanal japonais traditionnel qui utilise des matériaux de haute qualité et garantit une utilisation de longue durée.



Bring joy and happiness to your dining table with our vibrant-colored chopsticks. Each pair is meticulously hand-finished by skilled craftsmen, ensuring the highest level of quality and attention to detailWhether you're enjoying a family meal, hosting a dinner party, or simply treating yourself to a delightful solo dining experience, our colorful chopsticks are sure to enhance the ambiance and bring a touch of happiness to your table.


PUR CHER Pure Titanium Straw (Semi-Glossy)

Sustainable & Luxurious. Introducing our handmade Japanese design straw, the perfect companion for cocktails and drinks. Made with pure titanium, it is ultra-lightweight and free of dyes and paints. Unlike other metal straws, it has no metallic smell or taste, ensuring that the taste of your drink is not compromised. Its low thermal conductivity also helps keep drinks colder. In addition to being practical, this straw is a stylish and thoughtful gift. Check out our profile for other color options.


Marble stone stripe Deco toilet

ARTOLETTA will bring people delight and surprise. ARTOLETTA's design can be endlessly personalized: Japanese traditional Ukiyo-e, international works of art and various kind of patterns, all of which are carefully decorated by craftsmen. And finally, ARTOLETTA offers the world's first sustainable toilet innovation.We’re very proud to introduce you ARTOLETTA, with which you can create your own space, not only artistique but also hygienic and sustainable. Our activities are now certified by Japan SDG’s Association of the United Nations.



and-on mesmerizes as it invites you to admire the nuanced texture of paper. This special LED lamp is a concept project created in collaboration with designer Kenji Fukushima and paper specialists Tesuki Washi Tanino. It combines innovative lighting technology with the beauty of washi in new forms to continue the unique craft tradition for generations to come.


Grapevine 3 basket ~Hexagonal~

It is an ethical recycled fashion brand close to the lifestyle of the new ecological era. We will bring back to modern times the “wild grape baskets” created by the Japanese in nature in ancient times, and provide a richer, fresher, and more fulfilling experience.



A handbag made with the one and only fabric "TRICOLUM" that expresses the moment when the bud bloom with the theme of flowers. You can enjoy different expressions depending on how long the zipper is opened or closed.



It is a steel toolbox which can withstand harsh use with strong press type design produced by the deep metalworking techniques and mass production robot line. Therefore, it has a superb specification and awarded productivity. Mountain type toolbox “Y-350” had “Good Design・Long Life Design” award (with over 60 years of history and commonly known as G-Mark in Japan) in 2009.


【Round shape】earrings, clip-on earrings, bracelet, ring and pendant

Round shape tiles gleaming with a semi-permanently fadeless color and luster of porcelain goes with daily clothes. The minimal design and the natural materials give you a comfort for long use. 15 colors are available in the earrings, clip-on earrings, bracelet, finger ring, and pendant, so that you can enjoy various color combinations of your choice.


COPPER ART PANEL / Japan Traditional Craft

Applying the traditional Takaoka-Douki "copper coloring" technique, this art panel is made of copper colored by oxidation. Koji ORII, Master of traditional Crafts, makes the panels, which he emotionally depicts with images of the landscape of Toyama Prefecture in Japan's Hokuriku region, are finished like works of painting, despite being made of copper plates. The beautiful landscapes found in daily life are produced in the new frontier of copper plate art panels. The panels are recommended for creating special spaces such as luxurious spaces or decorations for private residences.


Mino Japanese paper and hemp socks

This socks made from characteristic material which is combined Mino Washi(Japanese paper) and the first grade flax linen yarn from Normandy. Mino Washi yarn made from Japanese paper in Mino city. Mino washi yarn works for comfortable, and it also very tough and waterproof. This socks knitted by Japanese craftman, so you can feel Japanese tradition from both material and how we make them. US:6-8 EU:36-40 JP:23-25cm US:9-10 EU:42-43 JP:25-27cm


Wa Plate

Add some flair to your dining table with this Japanese cypress serving plate. Adorned with one of Japan's most iconic images, "The Great Wave off Kanagawa", it will undoubtedly bring up a taste of the orient even before tasting the food served on it. Available in two sizes, the Wa Plate can be used for entrees, main courses, or light refreshments. A timeless design from the Land of the Rising Sun.Available sizes:M:25cm × 18cm × 2.5cmL:32cm × 19.5 × 2.5cm


Face Cleansing Brush hard & bowl set, JIVA Collection

Packaged set of our JIVA Face Cleansing Brush Hard and Cleansing Bowl. Layered bristle structure delivers a delightfully springy feel and deep cleansing action. Allow the gorgeously integrated design of this brush and bowl set to add a touch of luxury to your powder room. Material Boar bristle/ Goat hair/ Synthetic hair/ Walnut


Migaki Paring knife

sen accompanies worldwide chefs in their quest of excellence, in their pursuit of quality product providing good kire-aji knives. Not only sharps, sen knives are also crafted to achieve precision and perfection, enhancing the Kohmi flavor, and the Hojun taste of top chefs cuisine. Kohmi It refers to a tasty and flavored cuisine. Hojun It refers to a rich and superior mellow flavor and taste to the notion of excellency food.


Japanese stencil dyeing decoration, 6 happy patterns

color: blue/white Thick and durable cotton fabric. Original EBISUYA patterns that bring happiness. Each has it's own meaning. We have learned from the wisdom of our ancestors and are committed to sustainability,ncluding traditional techniques to reduce chemical glues and the use of natural dyes. As a result, water use and pollution are also reduced. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1O4YIcvagI


"Unkai" series - Marugame Uchiwa

Bamboo materials are sourced from Madake bamboo in Kagawa Prefecture and are colored with various dyes. The paper used is the handmade 'Tosa Washi.' The Kowari Uchiwa is crafted by bisecting a standard bamboo bone to make it thinner and more flexible. This process is replete with techniques unique to a select few artisans.



Crafted according to Japanese shoe craftsmanship, our mules are as trendy as they are comfortable. For even more softness and detachable functionality make it the perfect leather product for feet that works both at home and outdoors.



Simple and timeless design, made by craftsman's hand. those rounded corner are achieved by very careful and elaborate wood processing. You might think It looks too narrow, but enough to reflect oneself in mirror. SUGATAMI can be hanged in horizontal direction and it brings about another expression like a window in the wall.


BRUSHUP - A series of Japan-made cleaning tools for creators to refine or "brush up" their creativity!

When creating something, it’s difficult to make progress if there’s a lot of clutter around you. So to clear your mind and “brush up” your ideas, clean up your surroundings as well! Utilizing iconic Japanese quality and design, BRUSHUP is a series of brooms, dustpans, and other cleaning tools to help creators refine their creativity. Tomoyasu Works co.,Ltd. was founded about 70 years ago in Osaka, Japan. Using the iron processing techniques we’ve cultivated over the years, we collaborated with the creative design team, TENT, to create unique products from Japan that are useful in modern life.

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