MANERA's Welcome to Spain selection

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MANERA's Welcome to Spain selection

MANERA's Welcome to Spain selection

The editors at MANERA magazine have selected for you their favorites spotted during the Digital Days on MOM!

MANERA's Welcome to Spain selection


Lampe à suspension. Tôle perforée peinte en orange ø8 mm, pliée et soudée. Ligne LED. Prise centrale LED Linestra 50 cm 220-240 V 8 W 2700 K S14d. 500 lumens. Lumière chaude. Fabriqué avec du « cariño » en Espagne.



The small dimensions make the RIAZA MINI chair perfect to accompany the furniture of a reading room or a lounge area. A piece of furniture that can be moved without difficulty to adapt the capacity of a room or space. The chair is made entirely of solid beech wood and with a seat and backrest in one piece of natural leather, removable and sewn by hand. It is a modern reinterpretation of the typical Spanish monk's chair updated for current use.



Plinto représente la forme, la polyvalence et la nature. Cette collection de socles équilibre le stoïcisme du laiton brossé avec la fonctionnalité du cylindre, élevant la flore simple de la nature en micro-paysages uniques et fascinants. Chaque piédestal a une ouverture mince pour contenir une fleur, une herbe, une feuille ou un autre élément naturel séché. Les socles vous permettent de capturer une expérience en plein air dans une composition qui reflète votre interprétation de l'une des nombreuses histoires de la Terre Mère. Plinto est notre hommage aux petits détails de la nature.


Riviera Paper Vase

Les vases en papier Riviera sont tout au sujet de l'expression, des vibes positives et servent de déclaration de design édifiante dont votre maison a besoin.Placez le vase sur la table à manger, dans un rebord de fenêtre ou une table d'appoint pour un objet design de caractère unique à la fois par sa fonction et son expression — et qui rend hommage aux années 60, l'une de nos années de design préférées.


Fluid basket

Fluid dimension collection it is an immersive research, in which the inside and the outside provoke different readings, since the layers, transparencies and the weft, allows to be able to participate from the inside out and vice versa.A work free of concepts, a transitable view, in which interior or exterior is an open dialogue. A playful proposal like most of Mariadela's objects, in which the overlaping processes of weaving, craftsmanship, contemporary art and sculpting are explored.


Mokuren Chandelier Collection - Lighting With Soul

Mokuren is the result of the first collaboration between Lladró and Japanese designer Naoto Fukusawa, who is known for combining craftsmanship and design. For this work, Fukusawa has been inspired by the white magnolia tree, which symbolizes eternal bonds, and the striking beauty of its flowers. As the author himself says, ""when I saw the flower and thought of white porcelain, its texture and qualities, I automatically composed the idea in my head."" Thus, Mokuren was born, a chandelier that combines the essential ingredients of the work of the Japanese artis



Why settle for a single candle when you can create a symphony of light and shadow with a set of candles? That is the aim of the Anaga collection: to create a luminous, softly colored scenario with Mediterranean reminiscences to organically illuminate paused rooms.The collection, created by Helena Rohner together with Cerabella, is the result of a delicate search for each one of the pieces that, combined, with their range of shades of magnolia pink, olive green, aqua, sand, brown or lemon yellow, form a unique and magical composition.



Mallorca, a land of stunning seascapes and rocky landscapes, has emerged as a hub of artisanal creation. Leveraging its position as a popular tourist destination, locals are promoting the values of high-quality craftsmanship inspired by the diverse Mediterranean influences. This handmade collection showcases the ancient art of glass blowing, using 100% recycled glass and natural mineral colorings. The artisans proudly preserve a craft dating back to the Roman occupation of the island. The deflated spotted glass is made from recycled pieces, perfect for fancy cocktails or your morning juice.


Serenity Plaid

Our new Serenity collection combines the tradition and mohair of Mantas Ezcaray with a new design of neutral colors. Best Sellers Guaranteed!


The Third Fold

This vase is a unique piece made of non blown and blown borosilicate glass. The idea was to combine two states of the same material. The piece includes, on one hand, the pipe in its original state, and on the other hand, the material blown, swollen, folded and deformed. It was impossible to know in advance exactly what form that it would end up having, because it depends entirely on the moment in which it is believed — on the force of the blow or the heating that is exerted on the glass. In this way functionality and rationality coexist with chance.


Launched in 2022, MANERA is the much-anticipated new magazine lead by Enric Pastor, until recently the well-respected editor-in-chief at AD Spain. It collects the best of high end interiors, architecture and design from Spain and Latin America and is welcome ADDITION to newsstands. It is published quarterly and has an online and social media edition.
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