Japanese inspiration

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Japanese inspiration

Japanese inspiration

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Japanese refinement. This selection celebrates the exceptional craftsmanship, rich traditions and timeless beauty of Japan. Each product is an invitation to discover the elegance and magic of this captivating culture, adding a distinctive touch to your collection.

Japanese inspiration


These quarter length ribbed socks are made with 100% linen. Your feet will be relieved from moisture and heat as these socks are incredibly breathable. Enjoy the comfort of linen’s dry and crisp texture. **PRODUCT CODE : NK0202 **MATERIAL : 93% LINEN, 6% POLYESTER, 1% POLYURETHANE **SIZE : S 23-25cm, EUR : 36-40, USM : 5-7, USW : 6-8 / M 25-27cm, EUR : 40-43, USM : 7-9, USW : 8-10 / L 27.5-30cm, EUR : 43-46, USM : 9.5-12, USW : 10.5-13


Omusubi Stool

Omusubi Stool is made of the natural form of high-quality solid wood with skilled traditional joinery. There is a ring for hanging on the wall. The form represents a modern and sophisticated style.



Shellmet : le casque fabriqué à partir de coquilles de pétoncles jetées. Shellmet est créé en faisant bouillir et stériliser les coquilles collectées, qui sont ensuite finement broyées, mélangées au plastique et insérées dans un moule de casque. Les matériaux de Shellmet peuvent être recyclés pour refaire un autre casque ou réutilisés séparément comme matériaux de construction.Shellmet s'inspire du biomimétisme - une stratégie de conception où les systèmes trouvés dans la nature sont adoptés par les humains pour résoudre des problèmes.


Utsuwa HANA

Utsuwa Series A fusion of tradition and innovation, the spirit of Japan that adds to the beauty of the table."The Utsuwa series is a Japanese paper style tableware made by hand bending each Japanese paper patterned resin sheet. We planned to incorporate Japanese paper, which represents traditional Japanese culture, into modern dining tables to express the diversity of food culture. The unique beauty of the hand-crafted bending shapes is the one and only. The taste and delicacy of Japanese paper increases the variation of beautiful serving styles and the colorful value of food.


8[éit]Double blade Pencil sharpener

Créer des floakes de crayon est une expérience esthétique.En regardant la ligne fine et la surface de crayon floakes à partir de lames jumelles, l'affûtage est un plaisir.L'aiguiseur dispose de deux lames avec dessus et en bas en aluminium massif anodisé.Produits gagnants d'If Design Awards 2020


Ocean Rainbow

NAOE KAWAMURA silk scarves; a new type of scarf featuring vivid color gradation using traditional techniques such as Yuzen dyeing on Japanese silk organdie and high-quality silk. Silk organdy scarves, in particular, create a sense of elegance and refinement through the exquisite depth of color created by the overlapping of the fabrics when worn. These are not prints, but one-of-a-kind hand-dyed products. It provides a fun and bright feeling of wearing colors.


Table Mat

I made it to a size that fits on one plate.Since it is a natural colored product, it will enhance the main dish.


Dining table

District de Kyoraku


Sachet Ornament

Sachet with an old illustration design. Lavender, peppermint and rosemary herbs inside. ↓Click here to view the full product catalog.↓ http://www.library-design.jp/catalogue/catalog_2020SS_global/HTML5/pc.html


Yosegi Cabinet

Yosegi means wound-together wood. Hakone Yosegi was designated as a Japanese traditional craft by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry Features of Yosegi are natural wood colors woven together in geometric patterns.Wood is sustainable natural material, as it is sustainable, renewable, and recyclable. In addition, all woods have their unique Beautiful colors. Tradition is a series of innovation.By choosing traditional crafts made of sustainable materials, you can experience the wisdom of our ancestors while you contribute to the eco-friendly future.


Tapestry Forest in Spring

Neo TAPIS est une tapisserie associant dernières technologies et technique traditionnelle de touffetage à la main. La finition de nos tapisseries en laine leur confère un rendu exceptionnel, chaleureux et apaisant que l’on ne retrouve généralement pas dans les peintures ou les photographies.



Nos TATAMI soigneusement fabriqués à la main par des artisans japonais qualifiés conserveront leur beauté d'origine même après 30 ans, à condition qu'ils soient correctement entretenus. En raison de la quantité plus élevée d'herbe de jonc « Igusa » utilisée dans la partie fondation, notre TATAMI offre un excellent amorti et une excellente flexibilité. Le matériau utilisé pour le TATAMI s'appelle "Igusa" et possède de nombreuses propriétés bénéfiques telles que l'antibactérien, la relaxation mentale et la régulation de l'humidité de l'air.


Touch me! ART MAGNET

Art magnets with three-dimensional prints of various world-famous paintings. We express a touch of a brush and the heaping up of paints and characters could not be expressed by conventional flat reproduction prints. These upcycled tile magnets are expressive and environmentally friendly, matching the texture of ceramic with three-dimensional printing. * Mino ware tile magnets : Craftsmen in Tajimi City, a renowned ceramic production area make the tiles. Please feel and enjoy the texture of Mino ware tiles. * Using upcycled tiles : Upcycled tiles using soil that was thrown away before.


Prism Flower #1 / Rose

ART OBJECT THAT CRYSTALLIZED THE BEAUTY OF FLOWERS. The beauty of flowers is represented and crystallized to create Prism Flower Collection. The fadeless color of the prism and the solid transparency gives a dignified brilliance to every space. Roses are elegant, with a glossy curved surface. The vitality and strength of flowers are represented by bold cutting and delicate drapes. We are focusing the technology to a higher level than any of Prism Flowers. Roses' exceptional presence makes people and space more luxurious when bundled into a bouquet.



"Sazanka" (a sasanqua camellia) is a flower which blooms with dignified beauty in the cold clear air during the late autumn or early winter. Both at the usual table and the celebration dinner table, "Sazanka" flower-shaped bowls in white, pink and green will create such a colorful and gorgeous atmosphere. Smell the roses, no scratch that, "the sasanquas at the table" to feel the coming of autumn and winter!


COPPER ART PANEL / Japan Traditional Craft

Applying the traditional Takaoka-Douki "copper coloring" technique, this art panel is made of copper colored by oxidation. Koji ORII, Master of traditional Crafts, makes the panels, which he emotionally depicts with images of the landscape of Toyama Prefecture in Japan's Hokuriku region, are finished like works of painting, despite being made of copper plates. The beautiful landscapes found in daily life are produced in the new frontier of copper plate art panels. The panels are recommended for creating special spaces such as luxurious spaces or decorations for private residences.


Starke-R BASKET Regular

Our durable basket series is made from the same materials as car bumpers, perfect for outdoor use. The STR-465 is our most popular regular size. It smartly solves storage at home for camping gear, loading into the car, and unpacking and packing up at the campsite. Of course, it’s not only for camping gear – it also excels as a storage solution or an eco-friendly shopping basket. For other sizes, please inquire or visit our homepage.【SIZE】465(L)×385(W)×280(H)mm【WEIGHT】1.4kg


NAAAAN Time - Clocks made from real naan bread / Melting clocks

What’s the time?These loosely shaped and delicious-looking works of art tell us the time in a calm and relaxing way.Why not slowdown, stop fussing over details, and chill out a little? Our Naan Time clocks only have hands, so you don't need to count each minute. We hope you can take it easy just like naan's loose forms.The naan is real —it is a real working clock. All colors and shapes are different. The inspiration behind these eye-catching pieces of art came from Salvador Dali's masterpiece, “the Persistence of Memory” known as “Melting Clocks”.



Ancient trees called "KOBOKU" in Japanese are harvested from the rich forests of Japan and have been used for traditional residences, carving a deep and long history. You can witness the mortise and tenon holes of the days when construction was done without nails, the blackened wood's surface smoked by soot rising from the hearth, and the regular patterns with uneven surface left by the hatchet...ese ancient trees, carefully crafted over time and used with great care in daily life, become unique and original wooden products, casting the layers of time in the space.

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