06-10 September 2019
CRAFT Hall 5A — Stands M25

It was in the Pyrenees, in 1998, that MIDIPY revived the history of Pyrenean wool by relaunching the activity of one of the most important Pyrenean wool mills. With precise specifications based on the principles of naturalness and quality.

In our development today we include wool from the South of France with the same spirit of naturalness and quality. MIDIPY uses ancestral knowledge, passed on from generation to generation in the Pyrenean valleys, for the production of our organic blankets and plaids in natural wool. The greatest care is taken in the design of the range, from the choice of wool and throughout the manufacturing process. MIDIPY wool products are soft and natural. They are made in France. MIDIPY also produces handmade leather goods. Each item is handmade to constant attention. Made in France and worldwide sent.

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11, rue Saint-Aubin
Bâtiment B 51
31000 Toulouse
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Member of Ateliers d'Art de France

Member of Ateliers d'Art de France

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