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Chinoiserie for Hong Kong

LALA CURIO’s signature product of bespoke hand crafted wallpaper is smothered on every wall of Colourliving’s first floor. The first room is a travel back in time to what seems to be 18th century Chinoiserie reinvented for Hong Kong today. The main wall displays the rare techniques of hand embroidery on silk wallpaper to accent handpainted scenery of flora and fauna on a distinctive LALA CURIO persimmon red with gold; on its left, a touch of colonial flair of sisal textures embellished with different size pearls in a fanciful border of corals; to the right, a symbolic icon of Hong Kong, the Bauhinia tree in its fullest glory, each heart-shaped leaf is carefully depicted with great details. Bespoke canapes to match with each of these wallpapers were artfully crafted by Jouer for the launch party. A salon setting is in place of an opium daybed with a French tufted ottoman of giant gilt paws, for guests to lounge and savour this visual treat. A brass display shelf built in the form of a Chinese imperial garden archway is adorned with unique decorative objects of Cloisonné Tile lacquer boxes, rock crystal gem trees and precious boxes. The centerpiece is a sparkling fern forest of endless hand embellished gems and dazzles on silk. Playful Edo cranes play hide-and-seek between teal clouds while juggling macarons on their beaks. A transformative experience juxtaposed with Colourliving’s Italian contemporary furnishing collections. The show-stopper is of course our couture collaboration with Marchesa, a majestic gown of whimsical humming birds and gems handpainted on vivid red taffeta with a heavily hand embroidered Chinese top. A demonstration on where interior artisanship meets with contemporary fashion. Building on Family Legacy | Colourliving & LALA CURIO  LALA CURIO showroom is located on the first floor of multi-brand luxury interior furnishings & materials showroom, Colourliving. The founders of LALA CURIO & Colourliving first met at annual dinner of Entrepreneur Organisation hosted by Buccellati, where Laura MC-ed and shared her story on the crafts resonating with Buccellati’s family legacy on their rare artisanship. Her sharing sparked William’s interest being in a similar industry, the collaborative synergy happened with instantaneous chemistry.  William and Denise Lau share a similar story with Laura, where they are all building on the platform or empire that the last generations had established, reinventing and adapting to be relevant for today’s market. LALA CURIO showroom at Colourliving from conceptualisation to launch was within a year. We are all thrilled and grateful for this wonderful beginning in great efforts in sharing ancient oriental crafts to a larger audience. 

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