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BLAZE Barware Collection by Thomas Fuchs Creative:

Thomas Fuchs Creative

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Brutalism Takes on Barware

MIAMI, FL (FALL 2017) Thomas Fuchs Creative is a staple in the barware industry. Taking on an edgy approach to traditional standard drink shakers and bar tool sets. From their All Seeing Eye collection which watches you serve as you pour to their Serpent collection that tempts you to bite the forbidden fruit. The Blaze barware collection inspires with its iridescent finish and structured texture. Encouraged by the brutalist movement of the 1950’s, this collection plays with the concepts of color and illumination. The Brutalist era focused its artistic direction on a raw approach with its clever placement in its structural formation. “With our Blaze barware collection, I really wanted to revitalize a concept that once puzzled so many people at first glance and reincarnate these classic forms with a modern approach,” Thomas says. “As history repeats itself, I wanted to give this architectural movement some redemption from the harsh criticism it endured in the past. I chose to use an iridescent finish which really breaks up some of the “brutal” aspects of it and bring it into the 21st century.” The Blaze barware collection is set to launch holiday season 2017 and can be found at Barney’s New York, Saks Fifth Avenue, and select boutique retailers. - TFC

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