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We are on Mars, all around is yellow with a giant cart, that reminds us of a "mars buggy" overloaded with suitcases, lights, LED screens and a on top a flag with the brand’s logo, it is being pulled by a girl on a work out bike. It’s with this installation that, on March 21st, Crash Baggage, the luggage company "to handle without care", decided to celebrate the opening of its new pop-up store inside the famous "warehouse" Le Galeries Lafayette, in the heart of Shanghai. "I was driven by the brandʼs wandering soul" says Alberto Caiola, designer and planner for Crash Baggage’s installation. "This set-up was designed for all those people who are looking for new challenges and new frontiers every day, for all those who do not like to be still. For this reason, I wanted to create an ironic and playful situation, free from any mental scheme that could preclude the totally ironic and nonsense spirit. A creation with which the visitor could interact as the landscape on the background video moved with him. “ "Our suitcases" says Francesco Pavia, founder of Crash Baggage, "were conceived with the same spirit of freedom, to be used and handled without care. They are born already damaged but made with highly resistant material to give the owner the possibility to move without the worry of ruining them or damaging them. " And in Shanghai, after touring the moon, visitors were able to have a beer and listen to good music under a stratosphere at the Crash Baggage Opening Event, strictly: "for crashers party only". “That’s because it is so true” continues Francesco, "our customers are people who choose what makes them feel good and at ease with themselves and who have the total freedom to move and even crash a party!"

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