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Romantic Home - Barcelona Project


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Romantic Home - Barcelona Project

Well known for its design pieces inspired by nature, KOKET has already conquered several places, cities and countries. Barcelona was one of the cities that didn’t resist to the temptation of an exclusive and romantic design chandelier, such as the Nymph. A private residence in Barcelona was conquered by the beauty and elegance of the gracious Nymph Chandelier by KOKET. Recdi8 Studio is the mastermind behind this incredible project where KOKET is exclusively featured in the bedroom set. Alex Baeza, Albert Viudez and Nor-bert Frei are the minds of Recdi8 Studio, one of the names to follow in the interior design world right now. This team’s work can be compared to a tailor-made suit, the final purpose is always that the decoration fits perfectly to the owner personality. This Barcelona project is the best illustration of this motto. They studied the origins of the building and the apartment itself, tried to recover the original elements and then added unique finishing and furnishing. According to the 'art nouveau' roots of the apartment, they drew inspiration from nature, romanticism and rococo. The bedroom design conveys feelings of comfort and romanticism. When Recdi8 Studio saw the KOKET chandelier, they knew it was perfect for the elements of their design. “When we saw the NYMPH chandelier we knew immediately that it was the right piece for the master bedroom, NYMPH unified in one piece all the characteristics we were looking for: nature, romanticism, luxury, high quality, uniqueness”. The gold chandelier found its place among bedroom décor with neutral tones; the outcome: a mesmerizing mix of modern and classic, daring and respectful. NYMPH | Chandelier The exotic image of butterflies flying wild and free inspired KOKET’s whimsical Nymph Chandelier. The elegant movement of this feminine animal is represented in the chandelier’s unique silhouette. Every single butterfly is handcrafted by master artisans ensuring each is created with perfect singularity. KOKET’s Nymph Chandelier drips with luxury, beginning with the overblown, dramatic design which represents the innocent drama of a whimsical butterfly through the enchanted journey of life. Through this stunning lighting piece is the perfect representation of women and their two sides – the gentle, elegant and glamourous side and the wild, exotic one. NYMPH | Sconce The butterfly’s seductive movement when in flight is represented in a brass sconce where each butterfly is individually hand-made. This exclusive gold lighting design conveys glamour and whimsy, turning any wall into an enchanting surprise.

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