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Krestetskaya Strochka is a premium quality brand of handmade embroidery, a manufacture with established traditions, modern approach to tailoring and making of interior goods, the only factory of folk arts and crafts in Novgorod Oblast of Russia. Unique stitch patterns are the core of brand’s DNA. In the beginning of the 20th century this embroidery technique became world-famous. In 2015 after 20-year period of production crisis a St. Petersburg businessman Anton Georgiev invested in renascence of this traditional arts and crafts.


    Mikhailovskaya str.4
    191011 Sankt-Petersburg
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    • 19/07/2021 Black linen
      In search of the best there is no limit. Unusual black linen color for the cross stitching was used for the first time. Monogram embroidery is an elegant decorative touch to the patterns in this collection. Such products look sophisticated on light countertops.Any letters can be embroidered on an individual order
    • 15/07/2021 Des produits avec des broderies russes uniques de la région de Novgorod sont présentés à MOM !
      The traditional craft of hand embroidery originated in Novgorod Region of Russia at the beginning of the XIX century. Lace patterns look like snowflakes and add a unique touch to each product. Krestetskaya Strochka is a production with established traditions and a modern approach for creating unique collections of hand embroidered dining room textiles which are created from 100% organic linen.


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