• 18/06/2019 Bedroom Inspirations: Our Favorite Bedside Tables from Brabbu Today we bring you Brabbu's most innovative bedside tables so that your bedroom can be as unique as you would like to be!
  • 18/06/2019 Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit 2019
    Maison Valentina is part of Covet Group and we are proud to announce the new edition of the Luxury Design & Craftsmanship Summit, The most Coveted event of the year is being prepared just for you to celebrate and inspire the world with design and craftsmanship! Here let’s see a little bit of what you can expect from this edition of the LDCSummit 2019!

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    ‘An Intense way of living’ is Brabbu‘s motto, and if you look carefully at their unique design pieces, you’ll understand why. From broad usage of colours, design and materials, to more simple and blendable pieces – Brabbu’s living rooms are anything but dull.
  • 31/05/2019 Beau House: Oliver Burns' Newest Project Will Impress You
    Apart from the wonderful view of London skylines, Beau House also has luxurious and comfortable interior designs. From this article, this newest project will definitely impress you and give you some inspirations.
  • 28/05/2019 2019 Interior Design Trends: Fauna Patterns Animal life is indispensable for the perfect function of nature. Just like Flora, the word fauna derives from mythology. Fauna was the name of the Roman goddess of Earth and Fertility, the Roman god Faunus, and the related forest spirits called Fauns. BRABBU highlights in its essence this passion for nature, its fiercenes
  • 17/05/2019 Blush New Neutral
    A new trend is in! The Blush New Neutral has more to it than just the natural thought of make up upon hearing the name: it became a synonym for live theather due to its use on the actor’s make up. It’s the perfect color to make any space more comfortable, keeping it sophisticated and modern. BRABBU presents you a wide range of products from upholstery and lighting all the way to softgoods in this

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